Registration Information

The 2016 registration will open on March 20th 2016

 There is 3 ways you can sign up:
  1. Register in person at one of our monthly locations. (Please check our Calendar of events for our next walk-in sign up)
  2. Register online (click)ONLINE HERE
  •  If You sign up on line you will not be able eligible for "play for free" raffle tickets.
  •  There is a fee to sign up on line.
**To request a paper form and pay by check, send your request by email to  Your child will not take a roster spot until payment is made in full.
Walk-in Sign ups:
2016 Registration
Sunday April 17th
Mountain Mikes Pizza
3715 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 
11 am-1pm
Please bring in all of the appropriate documents (click) Forms

Play for free raffle ticket program**
  • Pay the $75.00 parent deposit.

  • SCPW will issue you 30 raffle tickets. You sell the raffle tickets in lieu of the registration fees. Raffle tickets are due on July 24th or can be turned in at any time @ PO Box 2962 Santa Cruz, CA. 95063

If you sell all the raffle tickets and comply with the parent deposit return your athlete can play for free with the help of family, friends and community.

To take advantage of the Play for free program: You pay the parent deposit, We will then issue you raffle tickets to cover your registration fees, you and or your athlete will go out and sell them and return the money and ticket stubs on July 24th. Raffle tickets are only available at "walk-in sign ups".

2016 Registration -

Cost for the 2016 Season is as follows:

         Parent Deposit $75.00
         Participant Registration  $300.00
         Total due at sign ups $375.00 

Parent Fee/Deposit:

Parent fee: $75.00
  • $75.00 Will Be Collected at the Time of Registration.

  • Must be Paid to Ensure a Roster Spot or Raffle Ticket for Your Child/Participant.

  • The Minimum Required Parent Hours must be fulfilled as Determined by Your Head Coach/Team Manager.

  • Payments are Accepted by Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card. Post Dated Checks are NOT Permitted.

  • Parent deposit will be reissued to you at the end of the season provided that you have fulfilled you parent hours and returned all equipment in good condition.

Registration Fee’s

 Registration Fee’s: $300.00

  • A $300.00 Fee will Be Collected Prior to the Participant Taking the Field.

  • Registration fees do not include: cleats, mouthpieces, socks or uniforms for cheer.

  • Payments are Accepted by Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card. Post Dated Checks are NOT Permitted.

Acceptable Methods of Payments:

  • Payment in Full-Payments Are Accepted by Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card. Post Dated Checks are NOT Permitted).

  • Sponsorship via Outside Entity’s: Sponsorship letter will be provided upon request.

Mandatory Fundraiser-

Football and Cheer: $100.00

A Mandatory Fundraiser of $100.00 per Participant will be enforced beginning the 2016 Season. 

*This will be the Primary Fundraiser for Santa Cruz Pop Warner This Season. The Due Date for the Mandatory Fundraiser Raffle tickets will be on Friday September 2nd, 2016. 

Drawing for Raffle Prizes: Raffle Prizes for Both the Registration and Mandatory Fundraiser will be Drawn During Halftime of the Second Home Game (last game of the evening)


These fees are non-refundable, except for the parent fees PROVIDED A PARENT COMPLETES 10 HOURS AND RETURN ALL EQUIPMENT.

For those seeking financial assistance, we do offer our "Play for free" program from March to June of the current year.  We do not accept payment plans or post dated checks, other financial assistance can be done though local business,(please obtain a copy of a sponsor letter) 

Some other important information to be aware of for 2016, when you sign-up it is MANDATORY that all parent volunteer and complete 10 hours in the program, or you can elect to do a buyout and not volunteer, you would have to pay an extra $100.00 on top of the Registration fee either it be a player or a cheerleader.  This means you would not have to volunteer for anything.  If you chose not to pay the buyout then it is Mandatory for you to volunteer in the program, if later you refuse to work you will be required to pay an additional $100.00

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