Santa Cruz Little Scholars


Pop Warner recognizes and rewards scholastics. Children who participate in Pop Warner football/cheer are also participating in a scholastic program

All participants are required to provide a report card that covers all terms within the school’s academic year. The grades from the last quarter are used to determine whether a child is eligible to participate in the Athletic Eligibility Program. Grades from the entire year are used to determine eligibility in the Scholastic Recognition Program.

Eligibility Program: A player/cheerleader must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher to participate in Pop Warner. To meet this requirement we require a report card that displays the student’s final quarter grades. Every report card is reviewed to verify that the eligibility requirement is met. If a player or cheerleader has a GPA that is lower than 2.0 or a report card is unavailable, they can only participate with approval from an Administrator at their school, and their parent. In these cases, a Pop Warner Alternative Scholastic Eligibility Form can be accepted in lieu of a report card. A student will then be required to obtain periodic progress reports as required by National Pop Warner rules.

Recognition Program: Every year parents and players are asked to complete a Pop Warner All American Form. This form requests information about a student’s extracurricular activities and awards. The form and the full year report card are then scored. The report card is 85% of the total score. The All American Form is 15%. The scholastic form is graded in three areas: Honors, Extra-Curricular Activities/Community Involvement and Community Activities.

Based on these final scores scholastic teams are put together, scholastic First Team (highest scoring), Second Team, and Third Team.

All players and cheerleaders on a scholastic team receive an award and are invited to attend a Regional awards ceremony in January honoring the student’s scholastic achievement.

In addition, the top scoring players/cheerleaders scores are sent to National Pop Warner where they have a chance to win a National Scholastic Award. For returning National Award Winners who are in the 8th grade and above, there are chances to win scholarships.

Pop Warner is committed to developing America's young people on the field and off.