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SCPW Board

Santa Cruz Pop Warner is a 501(3)c Non Profit and operates 100% by volunteers. Our volunteers devote many hours to insure the highest standard for our local athletes. We couldn't operate without the supports of our board members, many volunteers and parents.
2016 SCPW Executive Board
President                       Ernest Camacho                         Email: Admin@santacruzpopwarner.org
Vice President               Todd Ringel                                Email: Rules@santacruzpopwarner.org
Secretary                       Jenifer Ringel                             Email: Secretary@santacruzpopwarner.org
Treasurer                       open                                           Email: Treasurer@santacruzpopwarner.org
Football AD                    DJ Zack                                      Email: FBAD@santacruzpopwarner.org  
Cheer AD                       Blanca Carrillo                            Email: Cheer@santacruzpopwarner.org 
Business Manager         Samantha McDonald                  Email: Fundraising@santacruzpopwarner.org
Scholastic Director         Adriana Figueroa                        Email: ASC@santacruzpopwarner.org
Sponsor Director            Tony Machado                            Email: Sponsor@santacruzpopwarner.org
Marketing Director          Robert McDonald                       Email: Marketing@santacruzpopwarner.org